Securocrat agenda remains

I am not surprised to hear the news that another long term tout has crawled out from beneath the woodwork. Sean Lavelle, a Sinn Fein election worker, has admitted to being a Special Branch agent for more than 20 years.

First of all I would like to express my sympathy with the Lavelle family and friends, this must be a terrible shock. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am not surprised that this has happened and it is quite clear that the securocrats have a very precise agenda in all of this. They are going to "out" as many of their touts as possible in the hope that it will destabilise the Republican movement. All the way throughout history the British have used paid British spies and informers, they didn't beat us then and they won't beat us now.

You see, change terrifies them. We will have a Sinn Féin minister for justice at some time in the future; we will have a Sinn Féin deputy first minister and possibly a Sinn Féin power bloc in the Dáil. The securocrats are doing all in their power to try and stop this from happening.

I expect the other leeches (Stoops) to try and latch on to this and I hope they do. The Nationalist electorate is not fooled by the SDLP anymore and if they want to sink a few more nails into their political coffins then who are we to stop them.

Republicans are not fooled by this agenda, we remain committed and united.

The securocrat agenda will never prevail!!

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