Scum of the earth!

I am disgusted to learn that Catholic students attending the BIFHE complex at Tower Street were threatned at knifepoint by Loyalists. The Catholic students were just outside for a smoke break when two men verbally abused them. Sectarian threats were made against the students before the men left but they later returned armed with knives.
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Sinn Féin Education spokesman Michael Ferguson said he wants to discuss college security with BIFHE.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing Gerry Kelly today accused the RUC/PSNI of colluding with loyalists after the two men, who threatned the Catholic students with knives, were not arrested by RUC/PSNI members at the scene.

Gerry Kelly said:

"Yesterday three catholic students at the BIFHE complex on Tower Street were victims of sectarian abuse while standing outside the main building. The three students fearful for their safety returned to the canteen in the main complex"

"The two men who had previously abused the students outside the building then followed the three into the canteen and produced knives. They again hurled sectarian abuse at the catholic students and threatened them with the knives. The three were obviously extremely fearful and sought help from the security staff on duty. The security guard did not assist the students. The PSNI were contacted and arrived at the scene. The two men were still present and still carrying knives"

"The PSNI did not arrest the men and choose instead to simply ask them to leave the canteen. One of the students has been in touch with Sinn Féin this morning and is extremely angry at this incident. The PSNI yesterday colluded with loyalist thugs, who were carrying knives and threatening catholic students attending a local college. This is completely unacceptable and is not the actions of an acceptable or accountable policing service"

Three years ago the campus, which is in a loyalist area, was closed after masked men threatened Catholic students.

Typical loyalist and RUC/PSNI attitude towards Catholic students

Just uppity Taig's, isn't that right boys?


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