Robert Nairac, death of a butcher!

I see An Phoblacht have an article about the 31st anniversary commemoration of IRA Volunteer John Francis Green. Francis Green was murdered by SAS butcher Robert Nairac.

Nairac played his part in many murders around the South Armagh, North Louth and Monaghan areas.

He is presented by certain sections of the media as a "brave soldier" who was sympathetic to the Irish, when in fact he was a cold blooded scumbag who took joy in boasting about his exploits.

He was involved in the murder of IRA volunteer Peter Cleary, Ist Battilion SA Brigade. The SAS were watching his girlfriend's house. After he arrived they broke in and told her, "There won't be no wedding now". Cleary was taken outside where one eyewitness says he was stripped and beaten, then dragged unconscious to a nearby field, where, moments later, three shots were heard.

Nairac was also involved in the murder of the Miami Showband in 1975. He was helped along in this murder by two UVF men and 6 UDR men. Merlyn Rees confirmed to Ken Livingstone that Nairac bad supplied the guns and the explosives to the UVF unit in question.

John Francis Green was a native of Lurgan and was OC 2nd Battalion North Armagh. The farmhouse was located over a mile south of the border in county Monaghan. Nairac and his SAS/UVF gang kicked down the door and repeatedly shoot Green, emptying one gun into his body as he lay dying. Forensic reports established two guns were used, one a Spanish made Star automatic pistol. The Star pistol was later linked to four sectarian murders carried out between 1973 and 1976, including the Miami Showband massacre.

Former RUC officer John Weir identified Green's murders as UVF members in Portadown. According to Weir, the killers were Robin Jackson, the notorious loyalist killer known as the Jackal, Robert McConnell, a UDR soldier later executed by the IRA, and Harris Boyle, a UVF man who blew himself up during the Miami Showband murders. More significantly, the two dead attackers, Harris Boyle and Wesley Somerville, were not only UVF members but also serving soldiers in the Ulster Defense Regiment and in uniform at the time.

They were later given a UVF paramilitary funeral - complete with a volley of shots and a service conducted by the Rev William McCrea.

According to Weir, the loyalist death squad was part of a covert murder conspiracy initiated by the British SAS and other undercover units.

The full extent of the collusion that happened under Nairac's watch may never be truly known but one thing we do know.

When he was killed it wasn't the death of a hero, more death of a butcher!


Ian said...

This is not rubbish. Anyone who knows anything about the SAS knows their main job is killing people without trials. Look at their history, please, if you do not believe this. An interesting question is to ask who orders these executions, and who gives them their legal powers in jurisdictions in which the death penalty is supposed to be outlawed.

Alistair Kerr said...

Nairac was not in the SAS and he was somewhere else at the time. This was the case with most or all of the "crimes" that Republicans have tried to attribute to him.