Republican efforts can’t be ignored!

That is the view of Sinn Féin chief negotiator Martin McGuinness . Martin insisted yesterday that “no half-baked solutions” to the North’s political stalemate will be acceptable to Republicans. Martin also reiterated Sinn Féin's demand for the North’s political institutions to be restored fully.

The Mid-Ulster MP stressed this would require the return of a fully-functioning assembly, with a fully-functioning inclusive ministerial executive linked to a fully-functioning North-South Ministerial Council.

“The current stalemate is totally unacceptable and has to be
ended. The nonsense of a suspended assembly is not sustainable. People have a right to the institutions which they voted for. People have a right to proper political representation from the politicians they voted for. Anything short of a fully-fledged and functioning assembly, ministerial executive and North-South Ministerial Executive will be totally unacceptable to Sinn Féin,”

Amazingly Stoop cop lover Alex Atwood said Republicans have already inflicted “deep damage” on the Good Friday Agreement.

This pathetic attempt by Attwood to turn public attention away from the SDLP's blatant hypocrisy follows the damaging admission by senior Stoop member Dominic Bradley who said the SDLP is ready to replace the North’s inclusive ministerial executive.

There goes the SDLP's "100% for the GFA", I don't think anyone really believed the "100% for a United Ireland" bit anyway.

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