Racism raises its ugly head

If there is one thing that I hate it's racism. I am saddned by hardly shocked to learn that racist attacks in Dublin are one the incrase. According to UTV it is a 'Racist phenomenon'.


Racist tendencies are very prevelant amongst Irish people, Catholic and Protestant, North and South. It is true that such manefstations of racist bigotry have only really come from the working class Unionist community in the recent times but it a prejeduce that many hold. In the 26 counties it is very evident that Racism is going to be a major problem in the next couple of years.
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The Irish have very short memories, it was us who used to have to emmigrate to find work and a better life. Now I know the Irish didn't have it handed to them on a plate when they went to England and America. I still remeber the stories of "No Dogs, No Blacks, No Irish". That is why this racist shit annoys me so much.

Within Sinn Féin racism is not tolerated what so ever, we have comrades in the Basque country, Palestine and South Africa. It is not only frowned upon but activly attacked.

I have only one memory of a so-called Republican enegaging in racist activity and it happened last year. We were having protests against the Brits and RUC/PSNI when ever they appeared on the roads. If a foot patrol left the barracks we were there to confront them. It was however not just Sinn Féin people who took part in the protests but members of the community as well.

Anyway, we had confronted this patrol and there happenned to be a black soldier and some stupid cunt started to shout "Nigger". So one of our councillors, in front of the Brits, turned to the young felllow and lit on him. He told him to get home and never come near a Republican protest again.

You can't be an Irish Republican if you are racist, not hyperbole just fact!

The scourge of Racism must be tackled openly and honestly in this country. We have to stop deluding ourselves that this doesn't happen in our country. That somehow this is an issue for the Brits and the Yanks.

Racism is the courge of any society

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