Political Policing

I see British Secretary of State Peter Hain has said statements made by RUC/PSNI Securocrat officer Sam Kinkaid bears "little resemblance" to reality. I hope this suggests that the British government has finally got wise to the political policing that is happening within this "new" police force.

Former RUC Special Branch officers, almost all the top positions, have their own agenda and they are part of the problem.

Pat Doherty put it well on Hearts and Minds on Thursday. Kinkaid is a liar, he is operating from his own agenda and he will need to be dealt with in the long run by the Brits.

Before Republicans will support any new force the old Special Branch elite must be purged from the organisation.

The SDLP may have been willing to accept political policing on their watch but we will not be accepting it on ours.

The Securocrat agenda will not be allowed to continue, the British government have some very hard decisions to make.

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