Paisley ignores reality as usual.

I see Ian Paisley is continuing to do what he does best i.e. bluster and rant as he attempts to avoid the logical steps which need to be taken.

The DUP are apparently about to release proposals with regards to restoring some sort of devolved power in the north. But a word of advice to journalists for when they receive these proposals - rip them up, laugh at them and throw them in the bin because they are useless.

They are useless because Paisley is still trying to continue with the failed policy of excluding the democratically elected representatives of nationalism;

"However in our view, reflective of the unionist community, there is no prospect of an executive including Sinn Fein/IRA for the foreseeable future.
"In keeping with our manifesto commitment the DUP will not countenance an executive in Northern Ireland that is inclusive of those who are not committed to exclusively peaceful and democratic means."

I'm sorry to tell you this Mr. Paisley but without Sinn Féin involvement there is absolutely zero chance of any assmebly getting up and running again. You will not be allowed to exclude Sinn Féin from the government it has been elected to. It is becoming vbery clear that since the IRA statement and dumping of arms during 2005, Unionism has become increasingly desperate as it searches for reasons to exclude Sinn Féin. Unfortunately for Ian and his ilk, there is only one reason left - bigotry and refusal to accept that Nationalists will no longer accept being treated as second class.

You have two choices Ian - Powersharing with Sinn Féin or no devolution at all. Choose the second option if you wish but if that route ends up with joint authority and your precious people of Ulster having to suffer "Dublin Rule" then don't say you didn't have the opportunity to stop it.

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