A new PPS but it's Brits only!

I am disgusted but hardly surprised to learn that the new Public Prosecution Service that was launched in June and lauded as the "new era of Justice" in the North is a bigoted and anti-Irish as the last.

It appears that only “UK citizens” are allowed to join up despite the fact that the nationality issue was supposed to have been dealt with by the Good Friday Agreement.

A Dublin born solicitor who applied for a legal post in the Public Prosecution Service was told she wasn’t eligible because she wasn’t a ‘UK’ citizen; she is now pursuing legal action.

Almost half the people in the 6 counties are Irish citizens yet the British government still feels it is ok to discriminate against half the population. Many Nationalists and Republicans who are entering the legal profession, and they are in the majority now, are no longer going to tolerate this discrimination.

The oath to the English Queen that was required to take silk was effectively challenged and removed. If I choose to I should have as much right as anybody else to enter the Public Prosecution Service. We have been told that it is a new start to Justice and that the justice system will be as impartial and blind as true justice is supposed to be.

About two months ago I attended a Law Fair in Queens in which several Law firms were present, the PPS amongst them. Now in a choreographed move they sent a "Prod" and a "Taig" to man the stall. A group of friends were going over to grab a free pen from the stall and I decided to go as well in order to see what they had to say.

The fella spoke in a Southern area accent so I knew straight away that this was the "token taig" sent by the PPS to the predominantly Nationalist/Republican University to speak to the predominantly Nationalist/Republican law students.

The first thing he said was "I am an Irish Catholic" so I knew this was pre-planned and well rehearsed. He asked if any of us had thought about a career as a public prosecutor and a few of the girls laughed and looked at me so he looked at me and said "what about you big lad?"

I told him that as an Irish Republican I would be unable and unwilling to join the PPS. This fella assured me that my nationality and citizenship wouldn't count and that the PPS was totally different from the old system. I said that was all well and good but that I still had ethical problems that prevented me joining the PPS. He enquired what these were and I told him that my idea of justice was not dragging a single mother through the courts for dole fraud while allowing white-collar crime to go unpunished.

He couldn't say anything to rebuke my assertion but he then launched into an anti-Republican tirade about South Armagh and the people who live there and it was then that I knew this boy was nothing more than a Castle Catholic and a turncoat. I knew, but he was unaware that I knew, that he came from a very strong republican family.

I simply thanked him for his time but told him I was still unconvinced.

This revelation proves my assertion correct; we don’t have a new beginning to Justice!

It about time the British establishment accepted that the majority of Nationalists and Republicans are not prepared to sell their nationality and identity in order to climb the greasy poll that is the criminal justice system.

This discriminatory rule must be abolished and we must have a genuine new beginning to Criminal Justice in the 6 counties.

Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done

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