More damning proof of collusion

I see more proof of the extent of RUC collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries has come to light with the revelation that the guns used to murder the Reavey brothers in South Armagh thirty years ago were later used by RUC officers in an attack on a pub. Unsurprisingly the RUC have spent the last 25 years trying to keep this grubby little secret from coming to light. The murder of the Reavey brothers was one of the most callous and awful atrocities during the troubles in South Armagh. It threatened to send society in a terrible spiral of tit-for-tat secterian murders. Sadly the reaction to it was the tragedy which unfolded at Kingsmills.

Once more, we have clear evidence that the RUC were up to their necks in the blood of innocent Catholics. It seems that this weapons were freely interchangable between the RUC and the UVF, just as the weapons imported from South Africa in the 1980s by Loyalists paramilitaries including Ulster Resistance, set up by Ian Paisley, were interchanged. The attitude of elements within the RUC is summed up perfectly by the man responsible for the Rock bar attack who claimed that "it was "perfectly natural" for loyalists to be in the UVF and the RUC. "

There are still those who deny that collusion existed or deny how widespread it was. These people often condemn Loyalist paramilitaries int he strongest terms but express admiration for the "terrorist fighting" RUC police force. They should open their eyes and see the RUC for what it really was- no better than the UVF and UDA gunmen it controlled.

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