"Love Ulster" to wear lilies in Dublin

It seems that the "Love Ulster" parade, set for the Nations capital, are to have Orange men adorned with Orange lilies. It appears that Orangemen believe the flower will be more acceptable to Dubliners than their traditional attire.
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Some within the organising group believe men in sashes marching on the streets of Dublin would be deemed offensive, so they’re planning to wear orange lilies instead.

Just goes to show the hypocrisy of the Orange Order, they recognise that their attire is deemed offensive in Dublin yet they still seek to march fully clad through Nationalist and Republican areas of the North.

The planners said the rally would be victim led, and that the victims involved would be demanding that the Republic take responsibility for what they call "harbouring terrorists"

Somebody pass me the sick bucket!

This whole "Love Ulster" enterprise is terrorist led.

It seems however that for certain "victims groups" that when the terrorists are the UDA/UFF/UVF and Ulster Resistance then it is ok.

Some of those who will be attending and indeed some of those organising this parade present themselves as innocent victims. Now I do not seek a hierarchy of victim hood but I do not like people who have connections with the Glenanne Gang lecturing me and people like me about terrorism.

The residents of Dublin may not be aware that it was a gang of UDR and RUC men from Markethill and Newtownhamilton, the very people who Willie claims are innocent victims, which bombed the heart out of Dublin in 1974 , killing and maiming dozens of innocent Dubliners in a series of no warning car bombs .

The bombs were constructed and ferried to Dublin from the farm of an RUC man in South Armagh, with the assistance of local UDR men and officers and British army intelligence. They were also responsible for a wave of brutal sectarian atrocities on both sides of the border, where families were lined up and shot in their farmhouses and no warning bombs targeting civilians were a trademark.

The Glenanne Gang also committed the random abduction and murder of two GAA supporters near Newtonhamilton. The killers were local UDR and RUC, who wore their uniforms and set up a checkpoint in order to kill the first "taigs" that passed.

South Armagh based UDR and RUC men were also responsible for the co-ordinated massacres of the Reavey and O'Dowd families, both lined up in their isolated homes and riddled with UDR issue weaponry. They were also responsible for the attack on Donnellys bar in Silverbridge and the simultaneous bombing of Kays tavern in Dundalk, a bomb which very narrowly missed killing my father.

It's hardly a surprise then that the IRA in South Armagh went after the RUC and UDR around Markethill and Newtonhamilton with a vengeance. A number of those "victims" Willie Frazer complains were ethnically cleansed have since been identified as leading members of a gang which committed mass murder throughout the South Armagh , Dundalk , Monaghan and Dublin areas.

McGuffin had this to say on FAIR

"We hear from 'FAIR' – a Protestant relatives group run by Willie Frazer and Brian McConnell both of whom had relatives killed by the IRA. Frazer's father of course was also a UVF man when he was in the UDR. McConnell's uncle was in the UDR but was one of the Dublin bombers"

As far as the rally is concerned they can do what they want, it's their capital as well but Willie

You can shove your "innocent victims" group nonsense where the sun doesn’t shine, I don't buy it!

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