Laird is a Coward

I see Lord Laird has been mouthing off again as per usual. This time he is acussing senior figures in RTE of being IRA sympathisers. Now, unlike Laird I'm sure, I've been watching RTE for as long as I can remember (N.B- Big up to bosco!) and I've never ever noticed a Republican slant or, to be honest, any poltical bias. RTE do their best to provide a fair and neutral approach to the news. One criticism perhaps is the over exposure they give to the rantings of Mr. Michael McDowell considering the tiny support his party has amongst the populkation at large but that's not a significant issue at present.

In typical Unionist style, Laird is ranting without evidence and is cowardly hiding behind parliamentary privilege. Commenting last night the UUP peer said that;

"I've got to wait for an opportunity but I will name them in the House of Lords and I will talk about their backgrounds the first chance I get."

How about showing a bit of guts instead and naming the people in an area when they can clear their names using the due process of the courts. RTE should challenge Laird to repeat his allegations in the public arena. Unionists have long used this tactic and indeed people who have been named as involved with the IRA by Unionist politicans using parliamentary privilege have in the past ended up dead. It is disgraceful that this is allowed to continue.

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