Kelly wants GAA to honour the Big Fellow

I fully agree with GAA president Sean Kelly's call for the GAA to honour Michael Collins by naming a major trophy or stadium in memory of the Corkman. Kelly said the absence of any official recognition of Collins was a "major historical omission" by the GAA.
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I fully support this move as Collins played a huge role in Irish history. From my politics I should hate Collins but I don't, I admire the man for what he tried to achieve. My father always hated Dev and that animosity was passed on to me. That said to place Collins and Fine Gael in the same sentence is insulting to Collin's memory. The Blue Shirts have abandoned any republicanism they ever had and bear no resemblance to the ideals of Collins.

The GAA is more than just a sporting organisation; it is part of the Irish nation. It has become a very real part of the Irish identity for a great many people. Gone are the days when the Church was the centre of the parish. That role has now being filled by the GAA.

I do feel that for justice to be done to Collins memory then the stadium or trophy must be in his native Munster.

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