Inquiries Act to be challenged

Its good to see that David Wright, father of Loyalist Billy Wright, is to challenge the disgraceful Inquiries Act in the High Court.

I had meant to blog this earlier in the week but I suppose it’s better late than never. Longtime readers of Balrog will know my views on the Inquiries Act. It is a disgusting piece of legislation and an attempt by the British government to ensure that their dirty little secrets about the part they played in the Troubles will never be uncovered. The Act has been opposed by Canadian Judge Peter Cory, the man who published the report recommending inquiries into the deaths of Robert Hamill, Rosemary Nelson and Pat Finucane.

Sinn Féin, the SDLP and Amnesty International have also expressed their outrage at the Act which allows the British government to refuse to release information to any inquiry whenever they deem appropriate. It doesn’t take a high IQ to work out that this will be used to hamper any attempt to find the truth for those families.

Any inquiry under this Act is a fraud as it is not an independent inquiry, rather it will be a case of the British government being able to protect their own secrets by releasing only the information which does not expose them and the role they played in these deaths.
If we are to tackle the issue of collusion, and indeed victims in general, the first pre-requisite is openness and honesty. These are values which the Inquiries act ignores, preferring to settle for fraud and cover-up.

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