Hogg confronted over Pat Finucane killing

I am disgusted to learn that former Conservative Home office minister Douglas Hogg has admitted he was privately briefed by RUC Special Branch on multiple occasions in the run up to the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane. Hogg is of course the Conservative MP who got up in the Commons less than a month before Pat Finucane's murder and said some lawyers in the 6 counties were being "unduly sympathetic" to the IRA.

Pat Finucance was an excellent solicitor but he was not an IRA man. He represented loyalists as well but he represented all his clients to the best of his ability. It is because of Lawyers like Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson and Gareth Peirce that I decided to enter the legal profession.

There is no doubt that Pat Finucance wouldn't have been killed had it not been for the actions of the FRU and British intelligence.

In reference to his questioning by the Stevens team, Douglas Hogg revealed this week that he had had so many meetings about Pat Finucane it would have been “impossible for me to remember them all”.

Mr Stevens later concluded that Mr Hogg’s comments had “not been justified” when the then minister made them during a Commons debate on anti-terrorism legislation on January 17, 1989.

Pat Finucane’s son John said it was time for the Conservative MP to come clean about his private meetings with RUC Special Branch in the run up to the Belfast solicitor’s murder.

“We have never been given answers by Douglas Hogg about his briefings with the RUC, He has never apologised or even recognised the impact that his comments had and the distress they caused my family. I think it says a lot about his lack of remorse that he is willing to come to Belfast and practise law in the very place where a solicitor was killed following his inflammatory comments.”

I agree 100% with John and wish his family all the best in their search for a full, independent inquiry into their murder of their father.

Douglas Hogg, a truly disgusting human being!

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