Guess who's back!

There'll be a lot of egg on certain people's face as the news spreads that Sinn Féin councillor and MLA, Francie Molloy is to be reinstated later this month. For the last few weeks, many people, including some of this site, have been cock-a-hoop over what they saw as an anti-democratic tendancy in Sinn Féin. Nothing could be further than the truth. All parties have to have disciplinary procedures and indeed all parties in the north have had to use them in recent times, including one for the crime (in DUP eyes) of being allegedy gay.

Francie attended a disciplinary hearing last month and will be re-instated as a Sinn Féin member on the 22th of January. This is excellent news and I am certain that Francie will soon be back representing the people of Tyrone to his usual high standard. Francie declined to comment on the council matter, sensibly replying that;

“I think we have to move on.

“We now have a Government announcement and my role now is to try and ensure that we have strong local government delivering services for the the public.”

I agree. Fáilte aris, Francie

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