Geryhounds on Drugs

I don't know how many Balrog readers are gambling men or women. Personally I wouldn't be a huge gambler but certainly enjoy the odd flutter, however stories like this one would be enough to put any man off.

A row has erupted in the Irish greyhound world over attempts by the Irish Greyhound Board to prevent the publication of drug test failures by some greyhounds. The Chief Executive rightly protested against this course of action and was subsequently sacked. Apparently the board believed the "decision not to publish was in the interests of the industry. "

This story stinks to the high heavens of a cover up. When the public are spending hard earned money on a few bets, they have a right to know what the chances are that the sport they are gambling on is rotten. If those in authority refuse to let the public know the truth, then all trust in the industry will be lost. Too often in this country, people have tried to protect themselves and their position by being economical with the truth. These people do themselves no good and tend to end up in even worse positions when the truth eventually comes out.

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