George Galloway

Right, it's a slow news day and nothing grabs my attention so I thought I would give my response to Celebrity Big Brother thus far.

I know I always said Big Brother was crap and I would never watch it but I have watched this one quite a bit because of Galloway's presence and that of Michael Barrymore.

Before anyone starts talking crap I just want it on the record that I like George Galloway. I think he was wrong to go into Big Brother but that doesn't take away from a lot of the good work he has done.

Now, in relation to Barrymore I am annoyed. I had time for Barrymore before he went into the house. I thought the gutter press had been very harsh on him. I have no time for him anymore, he is not real, he's disloyal and a nut job.

He betrayed Galloway, he is a leech and he sucks up to them two idiots! (Don't know the names but one is an ugly blonde girl and the other is some slime ball named Preston who I would dearly love to deck)

I must say that Tracy Bingham has brightened up the show, that is one seriously good looking woman.

I dare say Galloway will get some stick for his "cat” performance and I must say I laughed my balls off when I saw it but fair play to him.

I hope he gets back to the important issues and leaves the cat calls to them horrible Lib Dems.

Fair play George, the show won't be the same without you.

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