F.R.U. Bullshit

Was reading that bullshit rag the Sunday Life on Sunday past, and it carried an article in which 'Spy specailist' Nigel West claimed that 30% of the Army were on the payroll of British intelligence. What a load of crap! The article proceeded to say that this sevrely limited the armys campaign against the foreign enemy forces of occupation. I think this story is utterly incredulous. Evidence to the contrary of this story is the fact that the Army dragged the Brits to the negoiating table kicking and screaming and forced thatm to do a deal. When Major et al reneged upon that deal the Army once again demonstrated their devestating capacity and blew the shite out of Canary Wharf. This in turn drove the Brits to the negioating table once again! This is hardly the operational strength of an organisation where 1 in 3 of its members are apparently touts! Narrow Water, Justice Gibson, Thiepeval and Mountbatten all prove this theory to be the bullshite it is. Of course as the Donaldson fiasco proved the Army does indeed have some touts in its ranks. What organisation does not have informers in their ranks? In my opinion Nigel West should go back to specailising in spies and stop attempting to dent the reputation of the most sophisticated and successful guerilla army in the world!!!

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