Croke Park set to open the hallowed doors

I read with a little dissapointment the news that Croke Park will be made avaible to the FAI and the IRFU next year. France are expected to be the first rugby visitors to Croke Park in February while England will take to the field later that month.

The football internationals are likely to take place in March, October and November of next year.

I was against this decision from the start.

I don't see why so many people in the IRFU and the FAI think the GAA "owes" them something.

The reason that the IRFU and the FAI don't have a stadium to the standard of Croke Park is because of the shambles that they call their managment.

I was in Nou Camp, Stade de France, Wembley, Park head and Old Trafford. I can safely say that not one of them even came close to Croke Park.

The atmosphere of that stadium is magic, a feeling like no other and when your county team walks out onto that hallowed turf there is no other place you would rather be.

I must say that I follow Irish teams in nearly all sports, except Cricket because it's crap!

I am a Rugby and Soccer fan but I do not believe that they should be allowed into Croke Park.

I have seen the way the English Rugby team disrespected the Irish President in Lansdowne Road and I have seen the way English soccer fans rioted in Lansdowne Road and I would not like to see that in Croke Park.

The Hill was made of the rubble from the 1916 Easter Rising and the stadium itself was the scene of the first Bloody Sunday.

The GAA, for many Irish people, symbolises the very heart of modern Irish identity.

I don't wish to see that tarnished and I feel a small bit of it will.

What are your feelings on the issue?

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