Cowards, not fighters

I've already mentioned an Irish sporting scandal this weekend but unfortunately it seems that more corruption in Irish sport may be about to be uncovered. In a live bout on RTÉ, Peter McDonagh defeated Michael Gomez for the Irish Lightweight Championship. From the viewers' perspective, the bout had an incredible ending. Irish champion Gomez seemed to simply stop boxing. It was astounding. The man stopped dead and stood in the middle of the ring and allowed himself to be punched 8 or 9 times before he finally fell to the ground. The golden rule of boxing, that you must defend yourself at all times, was well and truely broken. It was an amazing sight.

Former world champion Steve COllins, an RTE analyist, wasn't too impressed and immediately voiced his suspicions about the legitmiacy of the contest. Seemingly, his doubts have been justified with the news that Boylesports had to suspend betting following unusually high levels of betting backing a McDonagh knockout. An investigation has been launched by the Irish Boxing Union.

Its extermely saddening to see so called sportsmen behaving in such a selfish and greddy manner. They are not only cheating the bookies, but also boxing fans who had paid good money for tickets to watch the fight as well the viewing public in general. Irish boxing has only begun to be given prime slots on RTE television and the last thing honest Irish fighters need is to have the integrity of their sport undermined by cheats and frauds.

Elsewhere in the sport, Bernard Dunne from Dublin continued his upward march to glory with a win over the former British and European champion, Noel Winters, while across the water, Amir Khan was a victor with a stunning knockout performance.

I like boxing and although it has its critics, I think it can be an excellent sport to watch but tonight certain people seem to have brought it into disrepute in Ireland.

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