Bosco, tool of the Catholic church!

Like most Irish children of the 1980's I watched and loved the "Bosco" show. It was part of every day. Home from school at 2.15 and by the time you had a sandwich and got changed out of your school uniform it was time for Bosco. I loved the show; don't ask me why, I even remember going to see him in Newry Town hall for one of "his" live shows.
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My parents on the other hand detested him with venom!

My mother remembers vividly having to sit down in the living room with me and enduring 20 long minutes of Bosco.

So last week, as a bit of a joke, she bought me the new Bosco DVD. I laughed when she walked in from town with it. So when I came home from work that night I poured a brandy, lit up a B&H and threw on Bosco for "old times sake".

I was horrified!!!!!!!

I detested it!

That little red haired ******* is one of the most patronising things I have ever saw on a television. Added to that the fact that Bosco, apparently a boy, had a girl’s voice.

Bosco, the first gender confused puppet on RTÉ!

I was also surprised at the sheer scale of social control that the programme wielded. Its Christmas edition was dedicated to the Catholic definition of Christmas and every person from the donkey to the Magi was explained to Irish children in detail. Bosco was always a "good boy" and told everybody else to be "good".

Kids today, my younger brother included, wouldn't tolerate such a show. I will never understand the popularity of the show even looking back.

Why did I watch it?

Why did I like it?

Who knows? but one thing’s for sure, that gender confused puppet has some serious issues!!

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