Blueshirts Red Light?

I was reading in a newspaper that the Blueshirts are seriously considering legalising prostituition in the slight chance that they get into government after the 2007 general election. I am actually in favour of this move, but not I hasten to add for my own perverse benefits, but for a number of reasons. Firstly it would clean the hooker scene up as they would not have more diseases that a fucking carrier pigeon and would be subjected to the rigours of medical checks. Secondly it would take prostitution out of the hands of criminal gangs, making it much safer for both the hooker and the clientelle. Thirdly it may cure the drugs problem many hookers have and provide the hookers with proper protection from crooked pimps. People shy away from this topic but I am prepared to face it head on. Amsterdam for example proves that legalised prostitution works. Fourthly why not legalise it when people are going to do it anyway!!!!

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