Alex doesn't have a clue

Carrying on from the topic I touched yesterday, I see Alex Attwood, the poster boy of the SDLP's campaign to trick nationalists into believing that all has changed with regards Policing, has reacted to Gerry Kelly's remarks by claiming that;

"Nationalism is now well ahead of Sinn Fein on policing. Nationalism and everyone else cannot be held back by the tactical policing approach of Sinn Fein for narrow political reasons."

However there's one wee detail that I don't understand. If nationalism as a whole is so certain that Sinn Féin has gotten it wrong on such a fundemantal issues as policing, why do the majority of Nationalist voters still support Sinn Féin at the ballot box? When the SDLP joined the Policing board, they had more MLAs, more councillors and similiar popular support to Sinn Féin. Now they lag behind Sinn Féin on all these counts, yet Alex still tries to defend his failed policing policy.

I think its a bit that we still don't have the proper structures in place with regards to policing, but the lion's share of the blame must go to the SDLP who jumped far too soon before Patten had even been implemented fully and before nationalists had any guarantee that the political policing agenda of spying and interference with democracy had ended.

Alex Attwood is the man who took the SDLPs support in West Belfast down from 39% with Dr. Joe Hendron to just 19% in barely 4 years. He may be a man with many talents but assessing the mood of Nationalists certainly isn't one of them.

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