Willie set to march on Dublin

I have noted with great bewilderment that Willie Frazer and the "Love Ulster" gang are set to raise the Union Jack in Dublin once again. Willie is planning a parade involving Orangemen and "victims" of IRA violence. They are to march behind bands and the Union Jack as they trundle through the centre of Dublin. This rag tag bunch are said to be planning this for the New Year.
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Willie has said "We want to take our message to the heart of Dublin and see if people there allow us freedom of expression,"

Willie will find that everyone will allow him and his follower’s freedom of expression. Unlike British state forces Irish ones don't shoot dead 13 unarmed civilians who go out to march.

I would love to know what end Willie is looking to achieve by this little endeavor, apart from proving to the people of Dublin that he is unbalanced and bigoted.

Strategy is a gift that Unionism has never been blessed with.

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