We can't trust these people

An interesting quote from an SDLP supporter on slugger;

Have to say I would find it pretty bizarre for the SDLP to carry on as if nothing has happened on this one - surely the only way forward is to resign from the DPP’s and refuse to re-engage until there has been either a full public inquiry or a total, objectively supervised cull of Special Branch/C3 etc.. As an SDLP voter and someone who genuinely believed that policing was on the cusp of a transformed future I now wouldn’t touch the fuckers with a forty foot pole (with apologies to John Taylor).

Posted by Bemused on Dec 17, 2005 @ 02:17 PM

I think that in the light of what has happened, this new start to policing has been exposed as a sham. I was one of the Repunlicans who felt that the party had difficult decisions to make in the near future on policing and that we should not close our minds to the possibility of joining the Policing Board if there were assurations that things would change, that Special Branch no longer existed as a politically motivated tool of British securocrats. My faith that we can reach this state of affairs has been badly shaken this weekend. The SDLP need to realise that this issue cannot be ignorned. If the SDLP refuse to accept what is obvious to the rest of us i.e. that there acceptance of the Policing Board makes them complicant in the disgraceful actions of PSNI Special Branch then it will be difficult to ensure that there will ever be a new start to Policing. While PSNI still has its "useful fools" ready to try to sell the Nationalist people a dummy then they will continue to do what they do best - use what should be a Polce Service for all to promote their anti-Republican goals. If certain SDLP members wish to ignore this and try to place the blame on others to protect their beloved PSNI, then I think not only will the SDLP suffer but so will nationalism as a whole.

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