This Berry is not for turning

I see that the Paul Berry saga has entered a new phase with the news that Paul has launched libel proceedings against the BBC, Sunday World and the Irish News.
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In a statement issued through his solicitors Madden and Finucane Paul said that he had initiated libel proceedings against the Sunday World over a report which claimed he met a male masseur in a Belfast hotel. He also rejected any notion that he would be resigning from the DUP.

It sounds like fireworks are only beginning on this one and already I am sick listening to this issue.

Paul Berry may be gay; he may not but to tell you the truth I neither know nor care one way or the other. I have sympathy for his family in what must be a very hard time.

What I do find interesting is the information that his legal proceedings has produced, namely that there are no internal rules and procedures worth talking about.

How ironic that Dupers cry about the dangers of "Rome Rule" when that is exactly what they have within their party.

"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!" would seem to be the order of the day. I can just hear their chant in the Ramada hotel now, "Lang lebe unser ruhmvoller Führer!"

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