Stoopus Minimus decides to join the fray

I see that Dominic Bradley has decided to enter the debate on the "Stormontgate" affair. According to Bradley Sinn Féin were trying to exonerate themselves from involvement in the spy ring at Stormont by expecting nationalists to believe the word of Denis Donaldson.
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What possible reason would Sinn Féin have for expelling Denis Donaldson if he was not a British agent?

The reason why he asks the question is because he knows that the vast majority of Nationalists do believe that and that has consequences for his party.

Which party told us that we had a new start to policing?

Which party told Nationalists to trust the RUC/PSNI?

"News that there are other British agents in the upper echelons of Sinn Féin calls into question the ability of that party to represent the interests of nationalists. The question now being asked by people is who actually runs Sinn Féin – and in whose interests"

Who said there were further British agents in the upper echelons of Sinn Féin?

Special Branch did when they slipped reports to their stooges in the press!

So there you have it, Dominic Bradley believes the word of Special Branch!

The same group of Securocrats that brought down the assembly and Dominic asks us all to believe the word of these people?

Catch a grip!

Sinn Féin's ability to represent the Nationalist and Republican community is not in question, the SDLP's was questioned and that is why Sinn Féin is the biggest Nationalist/Republican party.

Now crawl back under your rock Bradley, the other snakes are waiting!

Martin McGuinness put it perfectly when he said

“This isn't the first time a British agent has been uncovered and what we do in this circumstance, just like in the other situations we have had to deal with over the years, we pick ourselves up and we obviously learn the lessons and face the disappointment of what has happened over the last while. We have huge responsibilities and we have to go on and we intend to go on. The Sinn Féin leadership is not going to lie down.”

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