Stoops show their true colours

The SDLP's duplicitous position on the issue of State violence and collusion has been shown for what it really is. Last night Alban Maginness and other SDLP Councillors hobnobbed with the Colonel and Chief of the British Parachute Regiment, Charles Windsor in Belfast City Hall.
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Sinn Féin Belfast City Council Group Leader Cllr. Paul Maskey today said

"In recent weeks after being silent on the issue of state violence and collusion for three decades Alban Maginness and the SDLP have been using the issue to try and score cheap political points. Last night the mask slipped and Alban Maginness and his SDLP colleagues in Belfast City Hall hobnobbed with the Colonel and Chief of the British Parachute Regiment Charles Windsor"

"Nationalists and republicans need no reminders of the actions of the Paras on the streets of the six counties for the past thirty years and more. From the murder of civilians on the streets of Derry on Bloody Sunday to the promotion through their ranks of the convicted murderer Lee Clegg their legacy in Ireland is one of murder, violence and repression"

"Last night instead of challenging the head of this discredited regiment Alban Maginness instead chose to chat with Windsor who he described as 'a mutual friend'. This sort of pathetic bowing before a British Monarch, while not untypical of the SDLP, does show clearly the priority the SDLP place on the victims of state violence and the need for the British Crown Forces to come clean on their activities in the six counties."

I suppose the Stoops are only doing what comes naturally to them, stooping to the British.

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