Soccer and Rugby set for Croker.

Following on from the decision of congress earlier this year, the Central Council of the GAA have today agreed to allow competitive soccer and rugby internationals to take place in Croke Park in 2007 while Lansdowne Road is being redeveloped. Now I was opposed to, and voted against the suspension of Rule 42, not because I dislike soccer and rugby (in fact I avidly follow both) but rather because my loyalties are first and foremost to the GAA and I felt that allowing the jewel of the GAA’s crown be placed up for auction would only harm the GAA in the long run. I was also annoyed at what I felt was the arrogance of both the FAI and the IRFU in thinking they had a divine right to use the facilities of others and allowing the media to fight their own campaign for them. However congress spoke in a democratic manner last April and I am glad that Central Council has gone along with their wishes since not to do so would be to ignore the clearly defined wishes of the GAA membership, even though I didn’t agree with them.

The next step is to install a committee of Cavan farmers to negotiate a price for rental with the FAI and IRFU. Them fancy Dublin boyos won’t know what’s hit them! if the FAI thought Roy Keane was hard to deal with.................

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