Sinn Féin oppose OTR legislation

Sinn Féin have withdrawn their support for the OTR legislation. Speaking after a meeting between Collusion victims accompained by Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty and Peter Hain, Pat Doherty explained Sinn Féin's position saying that;

"Sinn Féin are absolutely opposed to the inclusion of the British Crown Forces in this legislation. There are no British OTRs. Their inclusion is an attempt to misuse the OTR issue in a further attempt to hide the truth about British state violence and collusion . This is totally unacceptable to Sinn Féin.

"Sinn Fein, our party activists, families and friends were a primary target for British controlled loyalist death squads. Sinn Fein stands full square behind the families in their campaign for justice and the truth."

The OTR issue was agreed at Weston Park but what was agreed at Weston Park was not what we got in the legislation. However it's important to notice that Sinn Féin MPs and MLAs were yesterday accompanying the victims of collusion in their meeting. Sinn Féin have always stood firmly behind collusion victims. The SDLP are interested in collusion victims only when it is politically expedient for them. Sinn Féin, on the other hand, have a track recored of fighting for the victims of collusion in an attempt to find out what really happened to their loved ones.

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