Show me the Money

The self-styled Freedom Institute is one of the two, Neo Liberal Think Tanks (read four nerds with a website) that have sprouted up in Dublin. The main “Directors” of the site used to debate on the likes of Politics.ie and Slugger O'Toole but through sheer abuse from all just slunked away to their odious corner of the internet talking to themselves and nylon panted nerds in their wannabe motherland.

However their Annual Report 2004 is well worth a read, purely for its sheer pomposity. Aside from revealing a telling decline in interest in their wingnut bile they devote about eight pages to their piddling accounts.

But at the same time they are pronouncing the filling of grandiose sounding positions by evidently disturbed boys with the most preposterous avatars/pics, they appear to have the princely sum of €431 in the bank having spent the grand total of a whole €552 in the entire year.

These oracles of capitalism are spending a whopping €46 per month in spreading their parallel message of hate and free markets. Since we joined the Euro we have ceased to have a monetary policy and as such I fear the inflationary effect on the economy due to this massive injection of money.

The issue of impending economic meltdown aside the question to be asked is how do they afford to pay Richard Waghorne, their Director of Publicity who appears to have no discernable means to support himself as I was under the belief that his role in the FI was salaried.

Richard gets around, debating in Ireland and beyond, the Freedom Institute claim to have engaged Lansdowne Market Research to carry about a survey for them, Lansdowne would not meet you for less than €10k, and they must have running expenses that need to be met. Pocket protectors, subscription to the Fox TV bundle package (only $29.99!), American Rifleman Magazine membership and boxes of Kleenex’s.

So who are the mysterious backers to this US extreme right sympathetic, Israel loving UN hating, war lusting nerdfest and why are they so afraid/ashamed to tell the public.

In the name of Freedom we need to know.

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