Revenge of the Nerds

On Thursday last I attended the excellent Leviathan Cabaret night held monthly in Crawdaddy Club.

One of Ireland's best journalists, David Mc Williams, is the host and chair of this monthly political debate. On Thursday the debate was What Now for the US Crusade in the Middle East?

The panelists were Senator David Norris, Raymond Deane of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Israeli music professor and commentator Eyal Kless and Paul MacDonnell, director of the Open Republic Institute - "a neo-liberal think tank".

The debate was lively enough with only David Norris coming out well. Raymond Deane came over as a grump and conspiricist, Eyal Kless was just rude and irritating but the shocker was Paul Mc Donnell who quite simply demonstrated a level of stupidity and Pavlovian analysis that I was unsure if he was being ironic.

His answer to everything was that a free market is always right (see footnote) and would sort it out, except Iraq of course which needed an invasion! The audience were openingly laughing at him by the end and he and Klees ended up skulking off the stage in a huff due to the constant taunting they were getting.

It got me thinking about these "Neo Liberal Think Tanks" and I have realised that this is code for four nerds gathered around a computer who believe formatting a post into a PDF file legitimizes it with academic authority.

In the past couple of years quite a few of these nerdfest circle jerks have popped up with The Freedom Institute and The Open Republic being the main watering holes for privately educated Irish bullied spoilt brats to gather. In the 1980's and 90s these bullying victims would have expressed themselves in a different way and from time to time and you could always rely on a healthy self cull to reduce the odious nihilism that these losers inflicted on the rest of us.

Unfortunately, and whether is was Francis Fukuayama seminal End of History tale, an inability of Carl Mc Coy to sustain his songs of misery or the free availability of internet hardcore porn, they are surviving their teens. Being life's natural victims they want revenge. This takes the form of advocating a form of intellectual fascism imposed on us of which the answer to all of life's ills is a nebulous, spiritual concept called The Market. The Market is like Him, all powerful, the source of all solutions, to be respected and held in awe, like Him The Market works in mysterious ways but is really a great and benign influence.

Like Him the omnibenevolence of The Market is nonsense, but the extreme right participants in these "Neo Liberal Think Tank" needs to be pitied for they have suffered.

A future "Neo Liberal Think Tank" Director. (White t-shirt)

Footnote. The irony was not lost that Paul's real job is with the Irish Insurance Federation a body set up to represent one of the most cartelized, uncompetitive sectors in this country

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