PSNI - at it again.

I see the case against the men alleged to have been part of a Republican spy-ring at Stormont has collapsed. This was the incident that led to the fall of the powersharing government amis these false claim of spying. Finally it has been proven that this disgraceful incident was merely a part of a pathetic attempt of behalf of the security forces to save Trimble's bacon and discredit Republicans. I would agree with Mr. Donaldson's solicitors that these men were "victims of a political operation by elements within the security forces who deliberately used their position to hamper political progress in this country".

The PSNI can never have credibility amongs the majority of Nationalists or Republicans while it continues to subvert the democratic process in such a manner. The PSNI have concocted a false case to try to criminalise Sinn Féin and its voters. The case may have been dropped but the political damage done was immense. I wonder if the PSNI are going to apoligise to the people of the north for destroying devolution since 2002? I doubt it.

With regards to the supposed new start to policing - the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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