OTR legislation

Good article from Danny Morrison where he highlights the duplicity of Mark Durkan on the OTR issue. As Danny rightly points out, for weeks Durkan constantly shrieked about a "secret deal" between Sinn Féin and the British over the agents of State Collusion when Durkan knew that there was no such deal and on the 6th December had to admit such (sorry for no link to SDLP statements, for some reason the link for statements on sdlp.ie for 6th December is broken.)

As has been pointed out previously, the SDLP are no position to lecture Sinn Féin on standing up for the victims of collusion. Danny correctly states that "As recently as last October the SDLP refused to back a Sinn Féin motion to Derry City Council in support of the family of murdered Councillor Eddie Fullerton calling for a full independent public inquiry and for the Irish government “to insist on full co-operation from the British authorities to assist the Fullerton family in their quest for truth and justice”."

The agents of collusion were inculded by the British government, nobody else. they should not be part of the same legislation as "On the Runs" for the simple reason that they were never "on the run" but rather they had their deeds covered up for them by the British security forces. Why would they run from the force that was paying their wages?

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