More filth surfaces!

Yes, it's the news that Stoop Vice Chair Eddie Espie has called on Gerry Adams to resign as the President of Sinn Féin in the wake of news that Denis Donaldson was a British agent.

Espie has an awful lot of cheek!
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He has said that "This project of super collusion happened under Gerry Adams` watch"

Now Espie listen very closely!

Gerry Adams will not be resigning as President of Sinn Féin, you worry about Mark "personality transplant needed" Durkan and let us worry about our party!

Gerry Adams is not to blame for Donaldson; the British have a very long history of using spies and informers in Ireland.

To suggest that any Republican worth his/her salt would be complicit in this affair is insulting to people’s intelligence.

The Stoops new found interest in the Collusion problem is a sight to behold.

-Where was the SDLP when our party members were being set up for assignation by the FRU and Unionist death squads?

They were applauding their efforts as is evidenced by the fact that McGrady expressed his satisfaction when an unarmed republican was shot dead by British State Forces in Downpatrick.

-In the 1980's the SDLP denied that there was a Shoot-To-Kill policy

-When the issue of Collusion was first brought up by Sinn Féin the SDLP described it as 'republican propaganda'

-The SDLP ignored the relatives of those killed through state violence when they lobbied MPs at Westminster and MLAs at Stormont

-The SDLP members of the Policing Board have abjectly failed to deal with the issue and in particular those PSNI members who were centrally involved in collusion

-Their lack of action in response to the passing of RUC/PSNI files on 400 republicans to loyalist death squads.

What a bunch of disgusting reptiles the Stoops are!

Just when you thought the SDLP couldn't stoop any lower they prove us all wrong by this whole campaign of Political opportunism.

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