Maskey tells it as it is

Alex Maskey continued his work aiding the victims of State collusion today as he joined the families at a press conference. Alex also exposed the hyprocrisy of the SDLP with their current attempts to appear like the true defenders of Nationalist victims of collusion by giving a personal experience of being attacked by Loyalists;

When I was shot in my own home by the UDA, Joe Hendron the senior SDLP figure held a press conference on the Whiterock Road and informed the media that he believed that I was attacked by fellow republicans. This lie caused deep hurt and offence both for my family, party colleagues and the wider community in which I live.

The motivation and effect of such remarks was to let those responsible off the hook. There is irrefutable evidence that I was the victim of collusion. Brian Nelson admitted this at his trial. Yet the SDLP deliberately chose to swallow the British line and absolve those responsible for a policy of manipulating and controlling loyalist death squads from any guilt

The hypocrisy of the SDLP is astounding. They don't give a damn about the victims of collusion, all they care about is trying to score points off Sinn Féin.

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