Little boy doesn't know his history or strategy

I see DUP wee boy Paul Givan has caused controversy over his comments relating to the leaders of the Easter Rising. Givan stated that he was happy to visit Kildare, the council twinned with Lisburn, because it is where the leaders of the Easter Rising were shot, and that is what they deserved.
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Now, firstly the leaders of the Rising were not shot in Kildare, they were executed at Kilmainham jail in Dublin.

This cockroach is just trying to create headlines for himself, he is an imbecile.

He is a wannabe Paisley with all the style and finesse of a grapefruit!

He does however demonstrate the lack of understanding of strategy that is all too prevalent in Unionism and the reason why Unionism will fail.

The Leaders of 1916 knew they would be defeated militarily. They set out to ignite the fire of a nation and that is exactly what they did. The colonial attitude of the British helped to burn the fires of patriotism.

You would not however expect someone like a DUPPER to understand forward thinking strategy; Unionism is a reactionary negative force with no future.

Givan may laugh and scoff, compared to real men like Connolly and Pearse he is a wee boy.

Republicans will have the last laugh Givan, remember that when the tricolour is hoisted over Stormont.

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