Kelly lambasts Orde over Stormontgate comments

Gerry Kelly has launched Hugh Orde over comments that Orde made in relation to the Stormontgate affair. Orde attempted to justify the Special Branch operation which led to the collapse of the democratically elected institutions. His primary defence appears to be the allegation that the PSNI recovered documents from a house in West Belfast.
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Gerry Kelly said

"What Hugh Orde neglects to tell the public is that the documents were recovered from the home of Special Branch Agent Denis Donaldson. Denis Donaldson was at the heart of a British spy ring and a securocrat conspiracy which brought down the elected government. He was not acting on behalf of republicans or our peace process agenda. He was at all times working to the agenda set by the British State who employed him.

"It is clear that the British State agencies who mounted this entire operation knew that there was no value other than political theatre to raid the Sinn Féin offices in Stormont. No documents or evidence were recovered in that raid. The two disks taken at random and removed were returned to the party within days. Hugh Orde is unable to justify the raid on Stormont because it was unjustifiable. It was politically motivated and intended to
cause maximum political damage, a result which was achieved.

"Hugh Orde needs to face the reality of political policing. Attempting to justify the raid on the Stormont offices and the collapse of a democratically elected government will not advance the agenda of creating an acceptable and accountable policing service. Hugh Orde is being deliberately misleading in his comments concerning this entire episode."

Orde's attempts to try and shift the focus from Political policing and the role that RUC/PSNI Special Branch had in bringing down the democratic institutions are hilarious.

I am not even sure Orde's Securocrat officers told him about the whole situation which makes him just a lame turkey that will be sacrificed by Blair when the time comes.

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