Jude's right

Jude Collins has an excellent article in the Daily Ireland in which he exposes the hypocrisy of many of our so-callled leaders in society. Hugh Orde, the SDLP and Berite Ahern come in for criticism. Jude was absolutely spot on as he showed the SDLP's hypocrisy over the OTR issue for exactly what it was;

So in deciding if policy finds verification on the ground, let’s address a few more questions.
(i) Is the SDLP’s anti-OTR bill stance motivated by a desire to support the families of victims of state collusion, or by a desire to do down their political opponents?
(ii) Does the SDLP’s track record on active opposition to state collusion give any hint as to how (i) might be answered?
(iii) If the SDLP has truly decommissioned their policy of post-nationalism and are, as several of their leaders have told us this year, republicans, what republican activities have they been engaged in during the past year?

Jude makes the same point about the SDLP's shameful stance which this blog has made many times, but for the fact that I don't have the same eloquent writing style. Regular readers of Balrog will know that I have long argued for a a more co-operative relationship between Sinn Féin, the SDLP and all other pro-unification but such a relationship is impossible when the SDLP's reason to exist seems to be to attack Sinn Féin whenever possible, regardless of the rights or wrongs of the issue. Sinn Féin translates as "Ourselves alone" but the arguemnt for re-unification should be about more than Sinn Féin alone but if other parties are unable to take up the challenge, so be it. Sinn Féin will not be found wanting.

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