Judas admits he is a Tout!

Former Sinn Féin Head of Administration and British secret agent Denis Donaldson has admitted that was indeed a paid spy and informer.
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The Judas told RTÉ tonight that the so-called "Stromontgate" spy ring was a fabrication and one manufactured by RUC/PSNI Special Branch.

His full statement below

"My name is Denis Donaldson. I worked as the Sinn Fein Assembly group administrator in Parliament Buildings at the time of the PSNI raid on the Sinn Fein offices in October 2002, the so-called Stormontgate affair"

"I was a British agent at the time"

"I was recruited in the 1980s after compromising myself during a vulnerable time in my life"

"Since then, I have worked for British intelligence and the RUC/PSNI Special Branch. Over that period I was paid money"

"My last two contacts with Special Branch were as follows: two days before my arrest in October 2002, and last night, when a member of Special Branch contacted me to arrange a meeting"

"I was not involved in any republican spy ring at Stormont"

"The so-called Stormontgate affair was a scam and a fiction. It never existed. It was created by Special Branch"

"I deeply regret my activities with British intelligence and RUC/PSNI Special Branch"

"I apologise to anyone who has suffered as a result of my activities as well as to my former comrades, and especially to my family who have become victims in all of this."

BBC has suggested that Donaldson was not the tout that engineered the "Stormontgate affair"; they suggest that there is another.

Now I am loathe to believe the BBC, I suspect that they are perhaps being fed this stuff by the same scumbags who handled Donaldson, namely RUC/PSNI Special Branch.

I would love to know how a man can do that

Go into work every day and look your comrades in the eyes knowing that you are fucking them and the struggle over each and every day.

Knowing that because of you your family will be shunned because make no mistake Touts are never forgiven or forgotten within Republican communities.

They are the lowest of the low and this piece of shit is the lowest of the low.

I know we sent in a motion to the Ard Fheis stating that Sinn Féin must never accept a six county police force and this revelation has vindicated that decision.

Even if we get devolved powers we will never have control of policing because of the Securocrats.

I will be going to the Ard Fheis in February and I will try and persuade my comrades to support the motion.

This revelation has made my position very clear and steadfast.

If Sinn Féin sign up to a six county police service of whatever hue I will be resigning from the party.

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