I hate shopping!!!!

I have many pet peeves, being an opinionated person it would seem very natural. I do however have one pet peeve that gets exasperated during the holiday period, shopping.


I absolutely detest it and there is no way out of it. I can't even stand having to do the weekly shop in Dunnes. That said I would do 1000 grocery shops before I would 1 Christmas shop.
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Like most men, I am not being sexist it is just a fact, I do not like shopping. This is made 10 times worse when you go out shopping with your girlfriend/wife/her in doors.

I had an interesting experience lately when out shopping with the woman. We were out in Belfast and I was walking through Castle Court and some sales assistant stopped us and asked "would the lady like to try our new skin care treatment"

Now she bloody well wouldn't!

For the name of god I have been out shopping with her for 3 long, long hours and all I want is to go home and have a drink. Then he starts on about how I should buy it for her and then I get the puppy dog eye syndrome from the woman.

Sales assistants are the spawn of Satan!

Also, when you are out shopping with a woman they go into the first shop and try on the first outfit. They come out of the changing rooms and ask for your opinion. You say "it looks lovely honey" but does she listen?

Not a mission! She tries on every outfit in the store and then says she likes nothing, So you repeat this in the next 15 stores and after all this and 4 hours of your life lost she returns to the first store and buys the first outfit she tried on.

WHY DO WOMEN DO THIS?????????????????

Is it a means of torture? I believe so.

Then you move on to possibly the most uncomfortable shop, the underwear shop!

Now this might not be as bad if she took you to somewhere like Ann Summers when you can see a positive outcome i.e. sexy lingerie for your benefit as well.

No, we get brought to the shop for her conventional underwear i.e. granny knickers!

So you tell her, "I'll wait outside"

No, that won't do you have to go in with her. So when she is in the changing room you are stood in the lingerie department looking at the floor. Not daring to look up in case some one thinks you are shopping for yourself. Then you see some other poor man in the same position, looking lost and confused.

When will women learn, we don't like shopping!!

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