The great eye is ever watchful

Just popped in to Balrog HQ to see how you all are doing. I realise that I have been quiet for the last week but I am flat out working. I may not be commentating or posting a lot but I am watching, always watching.

I noticed that a few trolls have entered and they have been banned.
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I have neither the time nor the energy for trolls!

I told you some time ago that I would be making a few changes to Balrog and there will be some in January.

Balrog will be a trinity no more!

Don't worry, no one is leaving but we will be getting a couple of new additions. Some of them will be virgins to the whole blogging experience so I would ask that you show some latitude in this respect.

It has been a good year for Balrog and for Bloglaigh Na hÉireann as a whole.

When the Sunday Tribune describes you as "foaming at the mouth" then you know you are on to a winner.

It has been a mixed year for Republicans, we have had highs and lows but we continue on. We will face tougher challenges in the year ahead with an Assembly election and possibly a General Election in the 26 counties.

With our new arrivals I suspect a new dimension will be added to Balrog and the temperature will definitely increase. I always encourage provocative posts and I know this is something our new additions are keen to embrace.

I would like to wish you all a happy New Year

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