Government backed bid to get Connolly sacked

"Justice" Minister Michael McDowell got Government backing for a campaign to have Frank Connolly sacked as executive director of the Centre for Public Inquiry (CPI).
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This whole affair just gets worse and worse, the man has not been convicted of anything and as well as dragging this mans good name through the mud they also sought to deprive this man of a livelihood.

The Green Party and Sinn Féin called on Mr McDowell to resign, saying he had "recklessly abused power". Fine Gael and Labour were also fiercely critical.

I really do believe that McDowell has lost the plot on this issue, McDowell told the Dáil yesterday that the CPI, an independent group established in February to investigate political and business issues, was a body "which, in subversive hands, has the capacity to gravely undermine the authority of the State".

I am sorry McDowell but you are the only one who is trying to undermine the authority of the state by substituting the rule of law with that of your own!

Gardaí were fully satisfied that Mr Connolly had participated "in an important way" in an IRA plot to provide explosives training to Colombian rebels, Mr McDowell said. Let's remember however that the case against Colm Murphy collapsed because the Gardaí told lies. They have also lied and covered up the issue of the McBreaty family.

The Gardaí are not judge, jury and executioner in this country and the rule of law is being besmirched here by McDowell and CO.

The Green Party’s Ciaran Cuffe said Mr McDowell’s actions had "a dangerous similarity to Senator McCarthy’s witch-hunts in the United States in the 1950s"

This is an absolute disgrace and that crazy right-wing nut should be removed from his office ASAP!!!

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