DUP Scrooges

Tis the season of peace and goodwill to all men - well except in DUPland, it seems.

The DUP have once again shown their disdain for elected representatives by childishly not inviting SF councillor Billy Leonard to the Mayor's reception in Coleraine. What a pathetic way to overshadow a celebration which is supposed to be about generousity of spirit. As Councillor Leonard rightly put it;

"This is a very informal and people centred event, it should be inclusive and recognise everyone in the borough, yet the mayor has ignored official advice to that effect,"

"Republicans and nationalists pay their rates, make a major contribution to life in the borough and the mayor with one decision based on political ignorance, has excluded them.

"This is not just about me,"

Billy is well used to being treated as an outcast by bigots on this council. He will not let it deter him from representating his electorate to the best of ability but it is sad that he has been put in this position.

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