Does McDowell love Ulster?

I see Loyalist pressure group LoveUlster have asked Irish Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell to speak at their proposed rally in Dublin. Willie "Only Protestants qualify as victims" Frzer is attempting to prove that LoveUlster is "not anti-nationalist, we're just anti-Sinn Fein/IRA."

Funnily enough, on the anti-Nationalist front, LoveUlster are making great strides towards inclusiveness and friendly relations. As United Irelander has highlighted, their website is a beacon of light in terms of good community relations. FOr example, one poster shows his great tolerance for the Irish state by proclaiming that;

"All-Irish and all-Ireland situs can go and jump!....the republics media machine and future marketing can piss-off back home to their republic as far as i'm concerned, us people in N.Ireland do not want any part of your society and your government and people shouldn't want us protestants to side with you to defeat the British

"You kill our folk and then have the cheek to tell us that we should unite as one and that the British are wrong!"

LoveUlster is run by bigots for bigots and the worst thing is that the proposed counter demonstration by Republican Sinn Féin plays directly into their hands. These people should simply be ignored. If Mr McDowell wants to have anything to do with this organisation, then in my opinion he is stooping to a new low, even by his standards.

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