Death Row strikes again.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams was executed this morning. He was a former gang leader who was convicted for the murder of 4 people in 1981. The man's crimes were awful but later in life he renounced his previous life and dedicated his time to trying to ensure that other young males didn't follow his lead into a life of crime. he wrote books for children imploring them to avoid gangs and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. His life was depicted in the film "Redemption Man". The issue is also covered on Joblog.

What has happened here is wrong. The justice system should be about the rehabiliation of offenders and the protection of society, not merely punishment. Mr. William's crimes were awful but he was making reparation and trying to shape a more positive society. He should not have been killed. Where is the justice in the state punishing a man by carrying out the same act as what he is being punished for. The death penalty is always wrong but in this case it is particularly abhorrent. Arnold Schwarzenegger should be ashamed of himself.

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