British agent expelled from Sinn Féin

I am shocked, disgusted and angry to learn that Sinn Féin Head of Administration and secret British agent Denis Donaldson has been expelled from Sinn Féin. I heard about this shocking revelation this morning.
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I am extremely angry for numerous reasons

I have been at meetings with this man thinking he was a committed Republican and at the same time he was a British agent.

It proves that the whole British allegation that there was a spy ring is complete rubbish!

This man was supposed to be working for Sinn Féin in the assembly when in fact he was working for Securocrats and was doing his best to bring down the institutions.

I am angry as fuck, as I know other party members are!

Gerry Adams said Denis Donaldson had admitted to being a paid British agent for the past 20 years.

20 fucking years!!!!

Lads have died and questions need to be asked as to what role this "man" has played for the British.

Donaldson approached Six County Cúige chairman Declan Kearney after being warned by the RUC/PSNI he was going to be outed.

At a subsequent meeting with Declan and another Sinn Féin official, Leo Green, he admitted to being a British agent and was expelled from the party.

Asked if he suspected there had been an informer, Mr Adams said: "I was very, very suspicious and some of us were very suspicious when the events of 2002 unfolded, when we saw this hugely-orchestrated operation at Stormont because we knew there was no Sinn Féin spy ring at Stormont"

"More recently, when this case collapsed, when the British did not prosecute, that suspicion was deepened,"

"I had suspicions that there was somebody wrong within this – I had no specific suspicions about Denis Donaldson"

Gerry Adams also said "The collapse of the power sharing government was blamed on allegations of a Sinn Féin spy ring at Stormont"

"The fact is that there was no Sinn Féin spy ring at Stormont"

"The fact is that this was a carefully constructed lie created by the Special Branch in order to cause maximum political impact"

"The fact is that the collapse of the political institutions was a direct result of the actions of some of those who run the intelligence and policing system of the British"

"The fact is that the key person at the centre of those events was a Sinn Féin member who was a British agent"

"This is entirely the responsibility of the British Government"

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said: "This has certainly given an added twist to the entire Stormontgate scandal, and confirms our view that the reasons the court decided not to prosecute was because to do so would have compromised an agent of the state and sensitive security documents"

I am stunned and disgusted!

UPDATE: Bertie never really believed "Stromontgate"

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