An interesting view of Republican opinion about the Denis Donaldson issue. The heartfelt sense of betrayal by this man is very evident from people who have known him all their lives. His popularity makes his betrayal all the worst. I thought these quotes summed the attitude up;

“If you gave me one thousand names of republicans and asked me to pick out those most likely to be informers, I would go through 999 before choosing Denis Donaldson,”

"He knew exactly what he was doing. He was the guy who told us in jail the greatest deterrent to volunteers breaking under interrogation was in making them more political, making them understand why they were republicans. So this was a very deliberate treachery by a man who knew exactly what he was doing.”

Republicans were duped by this traitor. That is a sad fact and one will must live with. What Republicans didn't do was support the organisation responsible for the deceit and allow them to carry on their activities during a time of supposed peace while pretending that this organisation had changed and the past had been eradicated when plainly the opposite was true. Can the SDLP say the same?

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