The Balrog Trinity!

Hi folks

I am pleased to announce that the "lost sheep" is returning to the flock, yes you got it, Hensons is coming back!
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I am glad of this for many reasons, as you may have noticed I have had a very sporadic posting of threads this last week or two (which I will explain shortly)

With the return of Henson’s it adds an extra dimension to the site and will only help our growth, it also means that I have to go AWOL for a while the momentum of the site is not affected.

I have had an awful lot on my plate this last week or two, added responsibility from the party and extra projects back home. I have also been involved in a whole host of activities in Belfast as well. If that wasn’t enough I have also been involved in a legal dispute that has only just been settled. Due to all of this I just can't get the time to post as often as I would like.

I should be back to normal next week and I will most likely post this weekend.

I am going to be a lot more provocative in the future and people are going to get upset but that is just the way it is going to be.

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