Ahern is set to demand answers from the British

I welcome the news that Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern has said that he will be demanding answers from the British government following the latest revelation in the 'Stormontgate' affair.
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I, like many others, do not believe that Tony Blair knew about Stormontgate and I don't for one minute think he sanctioned it.

This was the work of RUC/PSNI Special Branch and their handlers in MI5.

That is what makes this whole episode so destructive, the fact that these Securocrats operate under their own direction and their own control.

I don't know where we go from here but one thing is certain

I and others have lost an awful lot of faith in the ability of the GFA to operate within this type of situation.

There will be no move by Sinn Féin towards supporting policing and if the SDLP had any backbone it would resign from the Policing Board and the DPP's and rescind its support for the RUC/PSNI.

It is obvious now that Patten could never have been enough to truly transform the RUC/PSNI; this leaves only one credible option.

Disband the RUC/PSNI!!!

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